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Parallel / Helm Weave




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Silver, Red


Anodized Aluminium

What I love about this piece:

This particular weave has two names and I think of it as Parallel weave as the rings run in parallel to each other. Others think of it as helms weave, so have at it, your choice. This is a gorgeous weave to mix in colours.

I’ve made this beautiful weave into a full set of matched jewellery, the first of its kind I’ve done in all three of necklace, bracelet and earrings.

Of all the weaves this is the least fluid in design, it still drapes but doesn’t flex in every which way. This one holds its shape more than any other weave.

The necklace is a shorter choker design and is 15″ in length.

The bracelet is a standard small to medium length at 6″.

Earings are very lightweight and 1.5″ in length.


Now Sold