So what’s so great about chainmail?

October 29, 2020

Like with all weaving projects like knitting, crochet, braids and chainmail, there are many different patterns that can be made. Individual rings are opened, woven together and closed into a pattern. Chainmail is strong, fluid in how it drapes, warms to the skin and comes in as many styles and looks as unique as each individual who wears them.

For me, in how I make chainmail, its turning organised chaos into patterned order. To start all my individual rings are neatly packaged and labelled, yet once spilled to make a new project they scatter all over my jewellery mat. It feels good to make a little mess, and then .. then I get to take them one by one and weave them into their place. Sometimes they go and fit smoothly, sometimes its a bit more of a wrestle .. admittedly more of a wrestle with the strong stainless steal rings!

Chainmail can be beautifully delicate yet strong, or it can be chunky and bold, in lines of chains or sheets that drape. Mixing colours and different metals, sizes of rings and wire gauge all makes for each piece of jewellery being unique or almost unique. It’s why I want to take on commissions so that I know you’ll love your jewellery, as its designed just for you.

A long necklace in anodised aluminium, silver colour with a doubled spiral chain.

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Hi there!

Hi there!

It's the start of something new, a hobby micro business that offers bespoke chain mail jewellery to order. I'm Cathie Heart and...



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