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If you’re wanting a custom made piece of jewellery, use my commission form at the bottom of the page.

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What materials do you use in your jewellery?

For chain mail I use a variety of rings in anodised aluminium (anodised basically means colour coated), stainless steel, copper and rubber rings (for stretchy bracelets). 

For woven cords I work in cotton, waxed cotton, satin polyester, suede and leather. I will soon be adding some beadwork into my braided works. 

Do you offer refunds on commissioned pieces?

No, my minimum fee is to cover the raw costs of the materials that go into making your jewellery. Once a project is agreed and paid, there is no refund. 

Do you offer refunds from your shop?

If all items are returned with the original packaging and in pristine condition then yes, this will be considered on a case by case basis. 

What’s my phone number?!

Good question. I’m hard of hearing / deaf and to be honest, unplanned phone calls give me the heebie-jeebies! So I will set up a chat between us for commission pieces. Thanks for your patience.

What happens when you commission a piece of jewellery?

Firstly I receive your requests from my commission form which gives me the general basic information I need to start our chat. I’ll get to know whether you want chain mail or woven braid, length, colours etc.

Then we chat and confirm the design, you’ll sign a commission agreement, pay up front in full or cover the raw materials and finish payment before delivery. 

I order materials, make your jewellery and send photos before delivery. 

Do you want to commission your own unique piece of jewellery?

Scroll down a little bit and fill in my commission form and we’ll get chatting.