Athena’s Heart

Bespoke chainmail and cord jewellery.

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Chainmail and woven cord jewellery is for all those seeking something a little different. To stand out and make a statement, either quietly or loudly, that’s up to you.

Be like Athena, be your own goddess of strength and confidence who knows her own mind.

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Coming soon.

I plan to have classes & kits in time, where you can learn to weave something just for you. Why not make a necklace or bracelet for yourself, feel that satisfaction of crafting something you’ll love wearing again and again .. or commission me to make something for you.


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I am based in York, UK but have no fixed shop .. I live my dream of working from home.


The Best Bespoke Chain Maker In Town


I love my stainless steel necklace. It’s the perfect length for me and I get so so many compliments on it. Thank you!

- Claire

About Cathie

I’m an artist, but I don’t paint or draw, I craft instead by weaving metal or thread. I’m also a photographer and designer of brands and websites, that’s what I do with most of my time. And this? Making jewellery, it’s my heart hobby. Something I do because I love seeing a finished piece, that my hands have made. I get a thrill with each completed project. 

I have an appreciation of lines and patterns, in this chaotic world, seeing a sense of order and symmetry calms my mind and bring me joy. So making jewellery that is all about patterns and lines, into something we wear gives me a gut feeling of satisfaction.

Let me know what jewellery you’d like making for you.

Cathie Heart the maker of Athena's Heart Jewellery
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